Would braces help my front teeth or would veneers?

Q. Hello. I am 33 and I have had problems with my teeth for years. I have a “peg tooth” at the front, my front 2 teeth overlap, and I have a tooth missing (but no gap) at the front. My teeth generally sit to the left of my mouth and look awful. I had braces when I was younger (not the permanent ones) which did not help and eventually a veneer was put over my peg tooth. This hasn’t really helped the overall look of my teeth though. I was wondering if a brace would be the best option or more veneers to sort out the front ones. Thank you so much.,
A. i think your definitely on the right track with the veneers or braces. As a rule you may need at least 7 veneers to get some correction of the shift of your teeth to one side. Alternatively a long course of braces with a replacement tooth at the end perhaps with an implant could work too.
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