Would braces be covered by the NHS?

Q. Hi Dr Caplan, i am 27 and have what i consider really crooked teeth which are probably caused by an overlapping bight. I have arranged through my dentist to see a specialist about braces or what would need to be done and my dentist says it would probably require surgery to align the jaw. Would the NHS cover any of this? I dont have a high paying job, but have a crooked smile really affects my confidence and i really want to get this fixed.,
A. This is unlikely to be covered by the NHS
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March 10th, 2010 at 08:47 PM
monju Says :

hi, i am 13
i went to the dentist a week ago to see if i can get braces he said it would cost my dad to pay £2000-£3000 i said fine there isn’t a need to pay that much.
the next day my friend went to the same dentist and he got his braces for free, why coudn’t i get my braces for free?!??!?!? this is unfair

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