Would a Hawley Retainer Close the Gap In My Teeth?

Hello. I have always had a little gap between my front teeth (the upper big ones). So I was thinking about wearing Hawley retainers, could they close a gap that is about 1.5 mm long? I don’t have any more problems with my teeth, and if it could help how long would it take to get at least a minor result (for example a 0,5mm moving)? This is urgent, so I would like you to reply as soon as possible. I don’t want to wear braces because they’re too expansive and they’re fixed onto my teeth and I don’t want something like that. Thank you.
Hi, thank you for your question. A retainer just holds the teeth in place, but a removable brace might work, it will take longer than a fixed brace though. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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