Will Six Month Braces Treat My Overbite?

Hello. I have an overbite. It is rather bad on my top teeth and my bottom teeth are crowed and not straight at all – one tooth overlaps another slightly. Will this six month brace thing work for me? My gums on my bottom teeth, mainly on the one that overlaps slightly, are moving down a lot so my tooth looks longer. It’s starting to be painful sometimes, I really need this sorted. I herd that this six month brace helps a lot and doesn’t show that much, which will be a big help with my work and social life, but if this will not be helpful for me I don’t want to waste my time looking into it. Does this help everyone or people with my problems, and will it help me? What’s the likely costs and how long do you think it will take to make my teeth normal? Thank you.
Hi, thank you for your question. If you wish to correct a severe overbite then six month braces are not suitable as they are only for the aesthetic correction of your front teeth, not to correct the bite. You will likely require full mouth orthodontics to do this. My advice is to see a specialist orthodontist for advice due to the potential complexity of your situation. Regards, Mark. 
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