Will having diabetes affect me having dental bridges?

I need to replace to dental bridges on each side of my lower jaw. The teeth will need to be pulled and I would like implants. How often do people need bone grafts and what is the additional charge for bone grafting for each new implanted bridge? Also I am type ! diabetic my last A1c was 6.8 is this going to cause a problem? Would you advice I only do one side at a time to see if the implants take rather than both sides at once. My other consideration is mini implants or implants to support a partial bridge, is this a bad option? I would like not to have clasps as I do not want to damage any more teeth. What would you advice, so stressed as I don’t know what to do and how much to expect.
Hi and thank you for your questions.

The best piece of advice I can give you now is to attend a consultation with an experienced implant dentist. There are lots of potential variables involved in your treatment options and it’s nearly impossible to giv you accurate answers without fully assessing your situation.

Because of your medical history then there are greater risks associated with any medical or dental treatment that you have. Whether or not you need bone grafts is impossible to assess without examining you and seeing X-rays and maybe even a CT scan might be needed? The charges associated with grafting will depend on the extent of the graft required along with some other factors.

I would seek the advice of a very experienced expert in implants as soon as you can

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