Will a Temporary Filling Harm a Newly Fixed Broken Tooth?

Dear Dr Hughes. My son broke his front teeth which affected the pulp area as well.We had restoration work done on the same day. His next appointment is in six months.But now he is left with the uneven restoration layer and obviously it doesn’t look good at all. I was told to wait for the nerve healing process to play out but for the time being he’s not getting his smile back.
I would like to ask if a pleasant temporary filling is possible while we are waiting for it to heal, or will it disturb the healing process? Thank you.
Hi, thank you for your question. It is usually better to wait as the trauma to the tooth from the more advanced restorative procedure might push the nerve health over the edge and mean it would end up with a root canal. I would wait until the tooth has settled. Regards, Mark. 
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