Will a Removable Device Help to Close the Gap in My Teeth?

I am 39 years old. I have a gap between my side teeth, not the front ones, on the lower jaw.The gap is about 2-3mm wide.This gap has appeared gradually with time. Please can you suggest a suitable remedy for me? Do removable appliances work? For how long each day should they be worn? Actually, I have been wearing one for about 2 months and I wore them the whole night but can’t afford to wear them every night. I’ve had no visible results so far.
Thank you for your questions. I am unable to offer any firm advice or suggestions without first being able to examine you and then diagnose the reason for your problem. As with all medical treatment, a clear diagnosis is required in order to be able to offer treatment solutions. If your current orthodontic (?) appliances are not working, then clearly some further and more thorough investigations may be required. Best wishes, Mark.
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