Why Is My Tooth in So Much Pain?

About a year ago I had a filling replaced. When the numbness wore off I suffered intense shooting pains in that tooth. The dentist filed it off, telling me he’d left one corner too high. But it did not work. So they told me it was the new white filling and replaced it. I still had the pain. So they decided that when they’d replaced the filling, they must have opened a nerve ending. I had root canal done, but still suffered the pain. I went back and had a second root canal, which stopped the intense shooting pain, but has left the tooth extremely sensitive to heat. I can’t eat or drink anything over body temperature on that tooth. Cold temperatures give me a similar problem. It’s not sore while I’m eating, but when it warms up again that’s when I feel it. It feels like it’s deep in my tooth, not just a surface pain, and extremely sore, like a dull ache, not sharp or shooting. They gave me antibiotics and a mouth guard, telling me I grind my teeth, but 6 months use of the guard and I still have the same level of ache. Do you have any idea why this might be? I’ve lost all confidence in the dentist, as before the original replacement filling, I had no pain what so ever. I feel they caused this.
Thank you for your enquiry. Before I could even attempt to answer your questions, I would need to carry out a thorough examination, carrying out several special tests including up to date X-rays of the tooth and have an endodontic (root canal) specialist consult with you to assess the pain and the root canal therapy that you had done.

There is a chance your pain is not from a tooth.

There is a chance that the treatment is not the cause of the pain.

Did a specialist do the root canals of just your general dentist?

Have they offered to refer you to any specialist pain clinics? I think you need to see some dentists now who are very high level and/or specialists to assess your problems. Kind regards, Mark. 

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