Why Is It Called A Whitening System If The Results Aren’t Permanent?

Hi Dr,
I am from pakistan, i have 2 ques
1) which teeth whitening system would u like to recommend for yellowish teeth, my sister just gone through the whitening system but the Dr said the results will not be 100% as it varies from person to person and also not permanent then y is this whitening system if its not permanent?

2)after scaling little gaps created in between teeth how they can be recovered ?

no whitening system lasts forever usually a few yrs we use zoom or enlighten but insist on a whitening tray system to be used at home for 2 weeks minimum. its called a whitening system because it whitens your teeth . its not called a permanent whitening system

2 the little gaps are usually as a result of the bacterial deposits which build up and destroy the gum tissue between the teeth . it is not always possible to get these back , but not allowing things to build up between the teeth by flossing and good cleaning will prevent this getting worse

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August 4th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
sadaf Says :

so wot are teeth bonding for, if gaps can not be recovered?

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