Why Does My Tooth Have Dark Patches On It?

Hello Dr Hughes. My dentist drilled into my front tooth and cleaned it and got rid of the decay. Then she put a temporary filling in which is a different colour to the rest of the tooth, but part of the tooth at the top has still got a dark patch on it and also a little on one side. Will she remove those now so it’s all one colour? And if she does why didn’t she do it the first time? I am going back next week so she can finish it off and also take a mould for a crown. Thank you. 
Hi, thanks for your enquiry. I would ask your dentist – without seeing the situation and knowing exactly what the darkness is that you’re referring to I cannot advise you. If you are having a crown preparation done then this will cover any dark areas on your teeth but if it is residual tooth decay then this should be removed now also before the crown  is fitted. Your dentist can advise you. Regards, Mark.
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