Why Does My New Denture Give Me a Sunken In Appearance?

I had an all-on-four procedure done almost two years ago now. The dentist has had me in for repeated try-ins of the final denture but it doesn’t look right. The upper denture makes me look like I have a sunken in appearance with no teeth showing. It makes me look old and toothless. Can you tell me why, and what might correct this? The dentist is a really nice guy but I’m really embarrassed by my appearance. They also have a lot more material on them than I was expecting. I was shown a completely different denture that fit against my gums without all the extra acrylic in my mouth. Help please!
Hello, thank you for your question. I’m not sure whats happening, but if you’re still at the try-in stage you should be able to get the teeth to look right before the final denture is fitted. The pink is usually used to fill in the missing tissue so without that, your face might look even more sunken. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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