Why Do Implant Quotes Vary so Much from Dentist to Dentist?

Hello, I hope you can help. I have received a variety of quotes for two anterior implants with a four tooth bridge. A Dublin implantologist’s quote, like for like, is half the price of the UK.Why?
Does my dentist in the UK have any obligation to treat me if things go wrong? My worry is the number of visits I might require to Dublin. Hope you can help, thank you. 
Thanks for your question. So the first question you have to ask is how are the dentists you have been to see like for like. There may be a vast difference in their experience qualifications and skill. There could also be a difference in the quality of the laboratory work (the bridge).

The only person who would be responsible for your dental work is the dentist who treated you. No other dentist would be obliged to treat you, especially if you have problems or complications. You would incur further fees to treat any emergency situation or reparative treatment.

There are potentially 4 or 5 visits required in most cases.  Regards,   Mark.

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