Why Am I Having A Filling When There’s Barely A Hole?!

I went to the dentist today I have not been for over a year as my previous dentist retired and it has been hard with work trying to arrange an appointment I went for a check in and was asked if I had a problem with my teeth the only problem I had was once every couple of weeks when i am brushing my teeth at the back i it feels a little bit tender but apart from that no pain etc so the dentist could not see anything so she said she was going to do xrays so when the results came back on the left hand side of my teeth at the back she showed me my tooth and pointed out a very small dot that i could barley see and said i would need a filling i have never had a filling before and i dont understand why the dentist would want to give me a filling when there is only a little bit of decay can you help me get my head around this?
I can’t really advise you without seeing the x-ray but if you’re having intermittent pain and there is decay present on the x-ray it sounds like its a good idea to sort it out while its still a small hole rather than wait for it to get bigger
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