Which Way Will My Teeth Move with Six Month Smiles?

Dear Dr Hughes. I am currently in week 2 of Six Month Smiles treatment.

I am looking at my teeth, trying to imagine which ones will move, and in what direction. Will any teeth come down, will they move forward, backwards or side to side?

Is there anything I can determine, just by looking at the wires? Will my dentist have a mould of what my teeth are expected to look like at the end?

I am looking at the anchor points on my back teeth and trying to imagine the brace wire running straight. Would that give me an indication of what I can expect to move and in which direction? Thanks a lot, I’d be happy to receive your advice. 

Good morning, thank you for sending me your question. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to answer any of these questions specific to you until I’d see your situation. Why not ask the dentist who is providing the treatment? They should be able to provide you with answers to all your questions. Good luck with the treatment! Kind regards, Mark. 
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