Which is Better: Zoom! or Enlighten Whitening?

Hello! Just a quick question about 2 tooth whitening systems. Now my dentist is about to whiten my teeth, and he uses the Philips Zoom! Nite White system. However, I am questioning whether this system is as good as the Enlighten Deep Bleaching system. I was wondering if you could give me the ins and outs of both, as although I do trust my dentist, I accept that he may be biased towards the system he uses. Any advice on these 2 systems would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Hi, thank you for your question. My preference would be Enlighten as we get better results with it and it usually causes much less sensitivity. The quality of the Enlighten whitening trays is much better than the average whitening tray. Both systems will work – it is important that you have a ‘home’ system either way in combination with an ‘in surgery’ system to get the best long term results. Kind regards, Mark. 
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