Which Braces are the Best and Most Affordable to Treat a Relapsed Tooth?

Since I was around nine or ten, until I was around 15, I had different types of braces to move my teeth and had extractions too. After having fixed braces and using the retainer for around a year the retainer broke and I couldn’t get an appointment for a while so one of my teeth, on the top right hand side between my front tooth and canine, has moved back from the rest, which are still straight. I would like to have braces just on the top to correct this. Which ones would be best and the most affordable, as I am 18 and a uni student? Thank you.
Hi, thanks for getting in touch. In order to advise you properly, we’d need an examination and time to go over options but in theory you may be able to be treated with Inman Aligner, Invisalign Lite, CFast or some other type of short term orthodontics. Find a good orthodontist or cosmetic dentist that does a lot of orthodontics to advise you.  Regards,  Mark.
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