When Replacing A Crown, Will My Dentist Have To Shave Down Further? I Don’t Want To Loose More Tooth Structure.

Hi Marcus. When replacing a crown do you have to shave the tooth again? I am concerned about losing more tooth structure and upsetting the nerve as it is a tooth that hasn’t had a root canal. I wanted it changing as I am thinking of getting veneers on the teeth either side of It. Is it possible to just take the crown off then just replace it with a better looking crown rather than have to drill more tooth away and risk root canal treatment. I have had a root canal done before and 4 weeks later my tooth turned black and caused me pain for a long time. Thanks.
Hello and thank you for contacting me. It usually depends on whether there is any decay in the tooth and whether the remaining tooth is still healthy. Your dentist is the only person that can determine this, so I’d advise you to speak to them and see what they say. If you’d like information on veneers and other treatments you can find it through this helpful website in the meantime. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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