What treatments can I expect to have during a smile makeover?

Dear Dr Mark Hughes,

I have recently had my two front teeth chipped almost in half. I currently have temporary fillers on them, i have generally nice teeth, but as i am going to want them looking how they did before i am wanting to spend more money and have a total smile makeover.

I have a gap in my teeth which i’d quite like to keep, i would quite like my top teeth to be pulled in, as they protrude slightly and for the bottom teeth to be straightened and aligned. I am not sure whether this will require braces/invisalign/veneers/removals and/or crowns.

I am keen to start the process asap. 

Hi Please come and see me or one of our other cosmetic dentists, for a consultation so we can assess exactly what would be suiytable for you and to discuss all your options. It sounds like some alignment followed by some bonding or veneers would be most appropriate but we’d of course need to see you in person beforehand

Have a look at the amazing results this young lady had with bonding


Kind regards


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