What Treatment Can I Have as an Alternative to Braces?

Dear Dr Moore,

My upper front teeth are sticking out and they make me look horrible when I laugh. At a younger age I was meant to get braces placed but it didn’t work out. I’m now 21 and I don’t want to wear braces at this point, although I wouldn’t mind getting another treatment done (if any are possible). Can you please enlighten me on what other treatment is available to stop my teeth from sticking out? Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your question. You might still be better off with braces but there are lots of options instead of the usual metal train tracks. We find Invisalign is a very good option for adults as it is practically invisible and you can take it out if you have an important meeting etc. I’ve worn Invisalign and so have lots of my friends and family, we all found it to be a great way of straightening the teeth discreetly. Regards, Andrew. 
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