What Should I Do If I’ve Cracked The Post Of My Crown

Hi Dr. Moore
I had a crown fitted with post (a short post, apparently) some seven years ago on my large upper front incisor.
I recently bit down hard on a tiny piece of chicken bone (not knowingly!), suffering pain and very slight forward displacement of tooth.
Visited local walk in Teaching Hospital and X-Ray showed that the post was broken, with the crown intact.
There is slight movement to tooth, no constant pain and no signs of infection.
My questions;
1. Is it possible to replace post and/or crown
2. Will I lose the tooth
3. What are the chances of infection and further damage
4. What are my options
If the post can be removed then a new crown might be possible. If not you may need to think about a bridge cost from £500 to am implant from £2000 if he tooth needs removing
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