What other options do I have to plate dentures with implants?

Mine is rather unique situation. I am on a long trip from Australia.I have purchased a small house on the north coast of France and we be renovating for over a year.
Before I left Australia four months ago I had to have all my top teeth removed. The gum has healed well and recently I went to the Brighton Implant Clinic who did a panoramic xray and told me I was fine for an all on four procedure.
But I have decided I am not happy with the All on Four or any procedure which includes flap type surgery.
I cant wear a top denture. I gag even with the concave piece ground out of the back. I have an overbight and really need a denture without a top plate.
The only option I have left and which I pray will suite me is a removable denture with no top plate and ball bearings onto the o rings.
I have also lost a number of teeth on the bottom but the problem is I only have a limited budget because of the burden of renovating.
Are you able to help me? Brighton Implant Clinic said I would have to come back numerous times which isi financially impossilbe for me. I have tried contacting Dental clinics in France but I dont feel I can communicate with my limited language skills. Can you help me?
It might be possible to use implants with attachments to hold the denture in place. I’m not sure what your budget is but I know The Brighton Clinic are very cheap, if they can’t find a price suitable for you I doubt another clinic in the Uk will be able to. If you go abroad you’ll probably pay similar fees as the euro is still relatively strong against the pound
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