What Methods are Available to Save a Tooth, Other Than Root Canal Treatment?

Hi Mark,

I have just been to see a new dentist today, who preaches non-amalgam fillings which is something I value as I am into alternative medicine.
He has advised me to have a root canal, which I am rather sceptical about. I have done a lot of reading from Weston A Price’s findings over the years and he strongly doesn’t advocate a root canal as in essence the tooth is left dead. He mentions that, even though the main canal is treated and sterilised, all the other tubes and canals are close to impossible to sterilise in the one sitting a dentist would perform in a standard ‘root canal’ treatment. Therefore, when the procedure is performed and the tooth is left dead, it can harbour all types of bacteria, presenting multiple diseases and problems to the body.
My question would be, do you advocate any other form of treatment (i.e. ozone injections) that could potentially save the tooth? Or would you agree with extraction? If so, as I value my teeth, I wouldn’t feel overly comfortable in having a missing tooth. What could be done then, if an extraction was to take place? Implant? Bridge? Would these be free of metal? Thanks in advance.

Hi there.  Unfortunately, the work of Weston Price has been universally discredited. It was also published in the 1930s, so is rather archaic to say the least. It is considered to be ‘nonsense’ and have no basis on credible research or facts amongst the dental profession. It is a myth that root canals cause illness.

Ozone has been proposed as a method of sterilising root canals, but the sealing procedure is still required and there is not enough research to state if this process is effective or not.

It would be considered the best course of action to attempt to save your tooth and have the root canal treatment, done by a specialist in endodontics, to give you the best possible chance that long term success is achieved.

The consequences of electively extracting and losing your tooth are that you would need this to be replaced requiring further treatment, and ideally this would be a dental implant. There are now ceramic implants available but again they are new and research and long term results are limited. Kind regards,  Mark.

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