What is the Most Affordable Cosmetic Treatment for Dental Fluorosis?

Hi. I have severe – and I mean severe – fluorosis which I find a liability on my social and economic life. What is the most affordable cosmetic treatment for dental fluorosis? I was born abroad in a Florine heavy part of Africa where almost everybody had the problem. All my teeth are discoloured (brown and dark brown). I am not looking for an expensive cosmetic solution, what I need is a less invasive and affordable solution. Thank you.
Hello, thank you for your question. It’s difficult to tell without seeing you but long term home tooth whitening with professionally made trays will probably be the best solution. I have treated similar cases where the whitening took around 4-6 weeks rather than the normal 2 weeks. This is because teeth with flourosis are much harder to bleach. Alternatively, veneers or bonding would work but will cost considerably more. Hope this is helpful, Andrew. 
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