What is the best way to straighten teeth, braces or veneers?

You recently did a fantasic job on my sister and i was hoping for some treatment/advice.
Generally i have good straight teeth, years of braces, etc however recently ive noticed (prob always been like this) that the front two teeth, one of them slightly sticks out than the other one, the difference is slight, but bothersome.
Cosmetically, what are my options? Are we talking braces, or veneers..If veneers, then would it be just on one tooth?
Thanks for reading.

You have many options and it may be that a slight orthodontic correction may be the best treatment for you. Certainly orthodontic correction is much less invasive in most cases than veneers.

Have a look at Invisalign or other Invisible braces options


To assess if a veneer or veneers would be the best option it would make sense for you to come and have a face to face consultation. Dental bonding may be another good option?


Hope that helps

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