What is the Best Way to Restore my Lower Molars?

Good evening Dr Hughes. I would like to get more information on dental bridges. A few weeks ago my dentist extracted two teeth on different sides of the jaw. Both teeth were in the same place, just different side of the mouth, the lower jaw molars.What is the best way to restore them? Would it be bridges or something else? My other teeth are healthy, but it’s getting difficult to chew any solid food.. What are the prices of dental bridge and how long does this procedure last? Thank you. 
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Your options are:

Do not replace them at all, dentures (removable bridges), bridges (resin bonded or ‘fixed’ conventional), or dental implants with crowns attached.  It is generally considered best to replace the missing teeth with dental implants, but there are factors that would need to be assessed and these are the most costly.

Conventional bridges require aggressive tooth reduction of the teeth (sometimes only one tooth) on either side of the gap. This can have long term negative consequences on these teeth. Resin bonded are safer but rely on an adhesive to hold them on so they don’t last as long.

Removable options are the most cost effective but of course they move and come out. If you want an excellent results, see the best cosmetic or restorative dentist that you can afford. Regards, Mark.

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