What is level 5 gum disease?

Q. Hi there, I went to my dentist and she said I have quite bad gum disease, sge said level 5? what does that mean? she gave me a deep clean which really hurt, and my gums were saw for the rest of the day. she said she will refer me to a gum specialist and I have to go back in two weeks for more deep cleaning. I have a gap in my front teeth now and I am pushing them and worried they are loose, I am getting myself in a state, will I save my teeth? can gums and teeth get stronger, I am flossing with brushes and cleaning my teeth and using proper mouth wash but I am really worried. thanks,
A. If you have lost a lot of bone that supports the teeth they will get looser. Deep cleaning over time can slow this bone loss down. When you see the gum specialist they will examine you and give you some options. Do not worry the aim is to try to keep your teeth as healthy as possible for as long as possible although it sounds like you have lost a lot of bone already.
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