What Is Causing My Gums to Recede and Turn Blue?

I am 65 years old. Recently I noticed that my gums are receding and also that my top left hand gums are turning blue. Is there anything I can do about this? It’s not painful. I visited my dentist and he says I should monitor it. If it gets worse then he will send me to a specialist. But I am concerned that it might turn into cancer. I did have crowns fitted quite awhile ago and they are slightly loose. Could that be causing this? Please advise. Thank you so much. 
Hi, thank you for your questions. The looseness is related to the gum shrinkage, so it might be worth asking your dentist to either treat the gum problem or refer you to a dentist who specialises in this problem. Gum disease is NOT a precursor to cancer. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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