What is a Cheap and Effective Way to Straighten and Whiten One Tooth?


I have a grey front tooth, due to a dentist missing a problem, which is also overlapping my other front tooth. I’m wondering what procedure would be recommended to straighten and whiten it. I’ve heard of extraction and a fake one screwed in and was wondering about an estimated price as I’m on benefits and it’s affecting my smile and meeting new people as I don’t like it at all. Please, is there any way I could sort this problem out in a cheap and effective way?

Thank you for your question. Removal of the tooth and placement of a screw-in tooth is call an implant, this is probably the most expensive option but might last the longest. As a guide it will cost around £2000. A better solution may be to crown or veneer the tooth if the tooth is strong enough. This might be available on the NHS if the treatment isn’t classed as completely cosmetic. Regards, Andrew.

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