What Can I Do About My Rotting Teeth?

Hi I was wondering if you could help me I need 8 of my teeth removing and would like dental implants, they are in poor condition due to me not being able to brush my teeth very much during my pregnancy as I was constantly sick. My pregnancy ended badly and the baby was too malnourished to survive I can honestly say my teeth in the past year have been neglected to the point where they are starting to rot. How would implants work and how much is it likely to cost? Many thanks.
My advice would be to go and seek some dental care as soon as possible so that your health does not deteriorate further. Implants may be the right solution for you. The costs can vary depending on the number of implants required to get the best results and the quality of the final result, both aesthetically and functionally. The difficulty of your case and the experience of the dentist, as well as the quality of the implants chosen also affects costs. An approximate fee would be somewhere from £4000-8000. There are other options available that are most cost effective in the short term.

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