What Can I Do About My Gum Recession?

I have gum recession on one front tooth on the bottom and it’s quite deep. I don’t feel any sensitivity usually. I had a check up 3 weeks ago and my dentist hasn’t mentioned anything regarding gum disease. They just said to ease off brushing that tooth very hard. I used to have a piercing there but I did take this out years ago so I don’t think this is what has caused this. I’m now worried about my other teeth heading this way, I think this one of my back upper teeth is now starting to recede slightly I’m also obviously worried about losing this tooth.

What can I do for this?


Hello, thank you for getting in touch. The piercing probably started it off. The thing now is to stop it getting worse by thorough cleaning of the area every day and a visit with the hygienist every 3-6 months to clean the root surface and prevent any build up of plaque or tartar. Regards, Andrew. 
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