What can I do about my gap teeth?

hiya there, i have a very large gap between my 2 front teeth and as far as i know i have always had it there. i dont really understand why its there, i always assumed it would close as i grew, what options do i have? i really hate it though and just wondered if it can be fixed and if so how much it would cost and what i need to have done ie: would it be more than one treatment or a course etc etc. would i need cosmetic dentistry or could i get it done at my normal dentist? if the treatment is costly can it be paid off in instalments or do you need to pay all upfront? thank you very much
Dear Enquirer, There are a few solutions to consider, You can have the gap treated by
1. Braces
2. cosmetic bonding
3. Porcealin veneers
all of which you can read about on this site.
You need an examination with a dentist to find out which treatment option best suits you. Regards,
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