What Can Be Done About My Grandson’s Discolouration?

My 12 year old grandson is losing the top layer of his two front teeth. They are really yellow and is affecting his confidence. He has had some treatment at the hospital where they scrape his teeth and paint on a layer. It looks good for a couple of weeks but then deteriorates. Is there anything that can be done? His dentist said not until he is at least 16 when he could possibly have veneers. I have contacted several dentists, they have said the same thing and that it has probably stemmed from his diet as a young child. I disagreed as he had a very good diet and never until this day drinks fizzy juice.
Hi, thank you for getting in touch. It’s hard for me to tell whats going on, but if several dentists agree on the time scales, you may have to accept this for now. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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