What are the Differences Between Clearstep and Invisalign?

Hello Dr Gambroudes. I was wondering if you would please give me your thoughts on the differences between Clearstep and Invisalign? From what I understand of both treatments, one is American and the other is British. I have had a consultation with a dentist who uses Clearstep, with his main reason being that he feels there is more flexibility with Clearstep in terms of being able to have moulds re-created and retainers updated if your teeth don’t move as the computer predicts, and this is not the case with Invisalign? Would you agree with this, and which do you prefer out of the two? Thank you in advance.
Personally, I prefer Invisalign. It is a global brand now and has a huge amount of investment in its research and development and thus the materials (and the results of treatment) are improving all the time. My own experiences with Clearstep have been good, but it can take a very long time to return the aligners so overall the process is very slow.

The biggest factor in my opinion that can adversely affect treatment results with both products is poor patient compliance (not wearing the aligners enough) so this will be a potential issue for both systems. Clearstep is a small company without the resources of Invisalign so in the long term, it may not survive.

The best choice of all for predictability, invisibility and speed would be lingual braces such as Incognito.

Hope that helps you decide?


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