What are my options for gappy teeth?

Q. i have a bad gap beetween my forn teeth i havnt always had it it happend about 12 moonths ago when i had a tumor in my upper lip no cancerous i also have trouble with my gums as 2 of my back upper teeth fell out leaving 2 nice holes for food to get stuck in my dentist has exrayed my mouth and said my teeth are fine but i do have a bit of gum desease she advised my to floss but im to worried my teeth will move agin what are my option to have this fixed teh 2 teeth next to my front teeth have also moved due to front teeth moving …HELP..please,
A. I can offer a free initial consultation, If you then proceed to a full written case assesment with photos, study casts , wax ups and a Xrays we will discuss estimated costs Call Amy on 0121 643 0610 for details or follow the weblink from CDG.
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