What Advice Can You Give Me Following a Bad Dental Implants Experience?

Hi there. I had a maxillary posterior 3 tooth bridge partly taken out in January this year due to the back abutment (2nd molar) decaying despite attending hygienist sessions. The bridge was partly cut off along with the pontic and the other abutment tooth (root filled). My premolar tooth remains as a single crown. After 3 opinions from dentists who offer dental implants I chose the dentist who felt I didn’t need a bone graft and could install a short fat implant (Osteocare Mazi Z Flat end 4.5mm x 8mm) where the pontic had been and an Osteocare Mazi Z flat end 12mm x 5.5mm to replace my 2nd (back tooth) molar. He seemed confident and these were both placed in June this year. No detailed aftercare was provided, no follow up appointment and 3 weeks after the crown and post on the shorter implant fell out. I was appalled as I have paid this dentist over £4000 for his “expertise”. I went back immediately and now he wants to remove the last part of the original bridge and remove the tooth that I paid the same practice £800 for 2 years ago to provide a root filling. I don’t really feel comfortable with the same dentist now and have looked into the whole way this has been handled. The dentist I believe is about 60 years old and I noticed early on his hands trembled which was not reassuring. Plus why didn’t he assess my bone height and quality before going ahead with treatment? I was given no sinus lift or bone graft and now I am worried that the back implant may not last in the long term. He wants to give me an implant bridge (3 tooth on 2 implants) but I would rather have separate teeth. This was why I wanted implants originally and saved my money accordingly. I am due to have my premolar extracted in October but all I really want is to have a refund and go to someone who is going to do a proper assessment of that part of my jaw, which I understand is the most challenging area to place implants, and keep me fully informed of what he or she is going to do and a comprehensive aftercare programme which I believe is key to successful implants. What advice can you give me?
Hi, I’m sorry to hear of your experience with dental implants. I would suggest you go back to the dentist with your concerns and let them know how you feel and suggest you would prefer a refund rather than any further treatment. In the dentist’s defense a 3 tooth bridge held with 2 implants normally works as well as separate teeth. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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