Trying To Find a Cheap Price For Retainers Has Become Difficult- Is There a More Affordable Option?

Whilst searching the web for the best prices regarding retainers, I recently read in one of your posts that you quoted £350 for 3 sets of Vivera retainers. I’ve had Invisalign and now use Vivera retainers. What is problematic is that the dentist who is currently providing me treatment with is charging me £495 for a set of three. I am finding money extremely tight at the moment and was hoping of being able to get a cheaper option. Do you happen to know if there is any way I can order them through you instead? Would I need to change providers and do you know how I would go about that? 
This is a common problem, as there is not really a consensus between treatment providers in terms of the pricing of retainers.You just need to make an appointment to see us and we can order them as a ‘new case’ as long as you’re absolutely sure you’ve completed your Invisalign treatment. Have fixed retainers been discussed or offered? 
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August 23rd, 2013 at 08:47 PM
akram sempala Says :

I lost both my upper and lower retainer do you think you can help me out on getting new one’s but I can’t afford expensive ones

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