The Treatment My Dentist Has Recommended Is To Put A Bridge In. Is This Right In Your Opinion?

Hi Dr Shaffie. I had a severe pain in my left jaw. The dentist I visited said I have infection on tooth #19. He gave me antibiotics to take for a week. The pain is getting better but not completely gone. The treatment plan he proposed is to extract the teeth and put the bridge in. Would you say this is a good option? If so, does the bridge treatment have to take place immediately or can I wait for a month? What other options do I have available to me? I do not have any insurance to cover and I want to know if this process of bridging can be delayed? Thank you, I’ll await your advice on this matter.
Hi, based on what you have told me I’d say that after extracting the tooth you would have to wait for around two months before any bridge or implants. Bridge is not the best option as it requires grinding the teeth. I would have to see your X-rays to offer any detailed recommendations however. I hope this answer helps you. Kind regards, Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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