The Tooth Which Anchors My Bridge Has Worn Away. Is There Anything That Can Be Done To Preserve The Entire Bridge?

Hi Marcus. I have a lower 3 tooth bridge. I have had it in place for over 20 years now and it recently became loose on one side. I had a recent X-ray and my dentist told me that the molar which is anchoring it in has lost a lot of tooth structure. This tooth already has a root canal on it. He said by the X-ray it looks like too much tooth has been lost and recommends leaving one tooth of the bridge in place and removing the other 3 crowns of the bridge as well as the molar that has decayed away. Have you ever seen this situation and is there anything else that can be done to preserve entire bridge? Thank you.
Hello and thank you getting in touch. It’s difficult to say without seeing your situation in person as to whether this is correct or not, but if you are concerned you may just want to get a quick second opinion to confirm this. If you would like more information on bridges in the meantime you can find it through this website. I hope this helps. Regards, Marcus.
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