The Screws In My Wife’s Implants Are Coming Loose, What Is The Cost Of Replacing The Component Restorative Portion?

Hello Dr Moore. My wife has Nobel Biocare implants and it seems the top denture is removable and the bottom one in permanent. She has had them for seven years. They are getting loose and needs new screws to hold them in place. As it is there used to be a gap between the denture and the gum line, it is no longer there and it is causing her some discomfort. What would be the cost of component restorative portion? How long does the procedure take? Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me on this matter. 
Hi, thank you for your enquiry. Based on what you’ve stated I would say it’s not the cost of the component that matters but more the time taken by the dentist to unscrew and tighten everything up, you should search for a local implant dentist but call them to see if they have the necessary drivers available first, as this will save time on any unnecessary consultations. I hope this helped, best wishes Dr Andrew Moore.
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