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What’s the Best Way to Replace My Tooth?

Friday, August 19th, 2016

My front tooth is damaged and needs replacing. I’ve had an X-ray today to confirm and told her that I would like to think over my next procedure. I  thought that a second opinion would be best as to the best way to go. I do not want false teeth dentures fitted. I also have large gap at the front due to tooth loss (I lost this years ago). Otherwise, my teeth are in good health (fillings etc.). I am also on good general health. Can you please help?
Thank you.

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What Should I Do If I’ve Cracked The Post Of My Crown

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Hi Dr. Moore
I had a crown fitted with post (a short post, apparently) some seven years ago on my large upper front incisor.
I recently bit down hard on a tiny piece of chicken bone (not knowingly!), suffering pain and very slight forward displacement of tooth.
Visited local walk in Teaching Hospital and X-Ray showed that the post was broken, with the crown intact.
There is slight movement to tooth, no constant pain and no signs of infection.
My questions;
1. Is it possible to replace post and/or crown
2. Will I lose the tooth
3. What are the chances of infection and further damage
4. What are my options

Dr Andrew Moore Advance Dental Clinic 104 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0JG Web: Tel: 08443 87 87 88 View My Profile Dr Moore

I lost my teeth due to gum disease and can’t afford treatment. What can I do?

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Hello, I wonder if you could offer any advice for me or other people in my situation? I lost my teeth due to a severe gum disease, which was due to both circumstances beyond my control, as well as lack of seeing a dentist. I now have only five teeth left, no uppers and I do wear a upper dentures an a parial which is impossible to deal with under any circumstances. My situation is unusual as I don’t have the funds to afford the appropriate dental that I really need. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

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The roots of my incisors are crooked and cause pain, how likely are they to fall out?

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Hello, I went to the orthodontist 2 weeks ago and he took x-rays of my teeth as my two front central incisors cause pain when biting an apple or when any force is applied to them when chewing etc. The x-ray showed that the roots on these teeth are curved as appose to pointed and they are half the length of the roots of my lateral incisors. I also have a 7mm overbite. He phoned me up and i have a choice whether to get braces or not. Apparently there is a risk of these teeth falling out if i get braces but i do not like the look of the as the two central incisors overlap. My parents tell me that it’s not obvious but i am extremely conscious of it. I would really appreciate any statistics of the chance of them falling out etc and a second opinion as i have no idea what the repercussions could be.

Thank you so much and i look forward to hearing back from you.

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Can gum recession like mine lead to tooth loss?

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Hello Doctor Bohara, i am extremely worried about my front tooth and wondered if you could help me? There is gum recession due hard brushing I believe. I was also told that my perio marking was 0-1 was a 2, and the dentist is pleased. However, i am scared that i will lose my central tooth due to the recession. If this happens how much will it cost to have a dental implant and can I have it done straight away? And do people generally loose teeth with gum recession like mine? Hope you can put my mind at rest. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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What did my dentist mean when he said my jaw could have jarred?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

June 30th, I tripped whilst running and fell, my teeth bore the initial impact- upper right incisor cracked and upper left incisor slightly chipped. I saw a dentist two day afterwards who filled the chipped tooth with composite and an X-ray revealed that my right incisor was cracked not only n the middle as if you we’re looking at me but also under the gum at the back of the tooth. The tooth was treated with roo canal, a reconstructive post and a temp crown. Since then I have noticed that my upper teeth seem to have retracted, loss of lip support and therefore volume and mouth appears less full. I have been told my jaw could have jarred, what does this mean? End of Aug an abscess appeared on the gum above my upper right incisor. I have since had it removed- and a bone graft so it is rely for an implant, a temp bridge currently sits in place of the missing tooth. My real concern now if with the change in my lips/ face. Loss of lip support! Philtrum appears falter and longer, bite feels different and physically I can feel a significant difference.
Can you advise if their are any solutions for me? I do not want a lip filler as that will not alter the actual structure of my mouth or the way it feels functionally? This is really distressing me and I am really looking to explore solutions.
Yours in hope.

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I have severe gum disease which has affected my confidence, what can I do?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

i have severer gum disease through out my mouth and crooked teeth some over lap and one has been pushed back into my mouth i have chips and fillings in a few of my teeth one of my teeth are black and dying and i have many yellow teeth i do not know what to do and am afraid to go to a dentist about it i am really self conscious have you got any advice for me I’m only 21 i has not helped my confidence with my smile when i smile it is quite a forced smile and not very me i need a smile i can be proud of a natural smile with straight white even teeth what can i do please i need help this is my last resort

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My dentist won’t answer my mini implant questions; can you?

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Hello Sunita,

I was wondering if I could get mini implants to keep a partial denture in place? I’ve had my upper -UR1 & 2 plus my UL1 & 2 taken out recently and been given a plastic partial denture by my Dentist. Please don’t get me wrong, she a great dentist but she’s not very forthcoming with information when I ask her questions. I don’t know why that is but it’s why I’ve come on here to ask you instead. I need to have as much info as I can take with me on my next visit in 2wks so I can ask the right questions. I had the 4 teeth I mentioned taken out only 2wks ago and my gum is healing up very nicely she said.

I guess the questions I nned answers to are: 1. Is it possible to have mini implants done with a partial denture and what is the best type of denture used when going with mini implants?? I would be very grateful for any info you could give me on this. Price is also very important to me so if you could send me any info on the mini implants and type of partial denture used for my problem then I would be very appreciative indeed.

My 2nd question is: What are the different types of implants? I’ve heard there are a few different types used? Does it depend on how much a client is willing to spend? If that’s the case then I would also like to know how many different types of full implants there are and what each implant would cost if it’s not too much to ask.

I’m really sorry to bore you with my questions but this is something very important to me right now and I really want to get it right. I’ve complately lost all confidence in myself of late and I’m worried I won’t get it back with just a denture that moves about in my mouth. I’m not comfortable with the partial denture unless I can get those Mini Implants in to keep the denture in place longterm. It would mean a lot to me to know and understand everything I need to before going back to my dentist soon. I know I should just asl her more forcefully but it’s not my way. She tends to put me off the subject everytime I get round to asking a question. Honestly! She will not allow me to ask a whole question in her surgery. She takes over as quick as she can and rants on until I’ve forgotten what it was I wanted to Any helpful info you can send me would be gratefully received on my part. I would be eternally grateful to you..

Thankyou very much,

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Are gum grafts the best option for my gum disease?

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Hi, Im 34 and I have severe gum disease especially on my front bottom teeth the gum no longer fills in between the teeth and I have been told I have lost a bit of bone there as well. Apparently the gum disease is hereditary and I also used to smoke but I gave this up when the dentist told me if I smoked anymore then I would have no teeth left by the time I got to her age.

I am starting to get really conscious of this now, what are my options? I have heard of gum grafts could this help me?

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Gum disease is causing me to lose teeth, how can I stop this?

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Hi I have been told that I have gum disease. I have had one of my molar tooth removed as it had become loose and another one is moving also.
Please advise the best treatment for this now and long term. I need to stop further tooth lose.

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