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My Dentist Has Said My Implants Have Failed Because I Smoke. Could This Really Be True?

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Hi Mark. I recently had 2 implants fail (upper molars) after 2 years. My dentist said this is because I smoke, is that really likely to be the cause after 2 years? I thought the main risk was in the early stages? I avoided smoking (practically) during the first 6 months. I am 46 and otherwise healthy. I would appreciate any advice on this. My dentist didn’t offer any failure plan at the time, so I will need to pay to have these done again! Thanks.

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What Is The Approximate Cost To Replace Two Front Teeth Implants?

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

I currently have 2 implants for my 2 front teeth that I had put in almost 7 years ago.

One of those teeth however has become loose.

What is the approximate cost to replace the false tooth itself or have it refitted?

The tooth itself from my own external examination reveals no damage.

Would this require a new tooth completely or can this existing tooth simply be refitted?

I am obviously looking to keep costs as low as is practicable! I have noticed that prices for this type of work has changed quite considerably in the past few years so would like an idea of how much I would need to save if I needed the whole tooth replaced. Thank you for your time, kind Regards. 

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