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My Front Tooth Is Misshapen And The Other One Is The Wrong Colour. Could A Dentist Get Them To Match?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Hello Dr Gambroudes, I could do with your guidance. My front two teeth do not match. One is a misshapen crown and the other has a chip in the tooth. Can you make a crown match a veneer beside it, especially in colour? I would choose porcelain for both and a mac veneer for the veneer. I would also want other teeth beside them have mac veneers also with lower teeth and upper teeth not with veneers whitened. Could they all match? I just want my two front teeth to match in colour and shape as well as an overall matching smile. Thank you in advance.

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Is It Worth Having My Front Teeth Crowned At The Age Of 75?

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Hi, I was wondering if you’d be kind enough to offer some advice? My 4 front teeth are quite discoloured, grey looking and I would like to have them capped but I know this is very expensive. I am 75 and wonder if it would really be worth it! Also I am very worried about the pain that the injection for the anesthetic would cause as basically I am a coward with a fear of needles. My second tooth upper right is allready capped and has badly dicoloured over the years so that now it is a deep cream colour and badly shows up the grey teeth. Can you advise as to cost and whether I should have the treatment? I just want it fixing so I can smile properly again, I don’t think age should be a factor in this but I’m not sure. Thanks for your time. 

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My Crown Colour Doesn’t Match My Veneer. What Should I Do?

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Hello, three years ago I had cosmetic dentistry done on my two front teeth. I had a vaneer on one and a porcelain crown on the other due to damage. I was really happy with the appearance of them, they were slightly whiter than my other teeth but looked good due to my dominant front teeth smile. A few weeks ago I chipped the crown and had to have this crown redone. I once again selected the full porcelain crown. After getting home and checking in the mirror there is an obvious colour difference between the veneer which is whiter and the new crown which has a yellower tone. I am unhappy in myself about this coulour difference. It now looks like the whiter veneer is the odd tooth out. What would be your advice into getting this work rectified or redone? Thanks

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My crown is discoloured and the metal is showing, how could I change this?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

My front tooth is a crown, there is a black lane between the gum and the tooth even up the crown the gum is bit black.
I did think about the implant but was very expensive, can you please suggest any other solution to make my smile look better. thank you

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How can crowns be made whiter?

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
I have 4 crowns and a bridge at the front of my mouth. I have had these for approx 6 years but feel that over the years they have discoloured and I do not like the shape of some of the teeth. I would like my crowns to be whiter and more natural looking. What treatment could I have to improve the look of my teeth? I have considered teeth whitening but have been informed that crowns can only be restored to their original colour with this method and this may result in the other teeth being whiter.,

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