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i have a cracked tooth after a filling do I need an implant?

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
I had a filling replaced on the advice of my dentist. When the filling was drilled out she told me my tooth had cracked in the median plane (lower molar I think number 2- it’s the one that my brace was attached to) the tooth is now causing me real pain – the dentist says it has now partly cracked from the gum side and is infected – the only option is extraction and tooth implant. Is there any other option available – £2000 for something that stemmed from a filling replacement is a bit hard to swallow? How would I seek a second opinion? Many thanks for your time – it is much appreciated, A

dr rob tennet

Dr Rob Tennet

St Johns Dental Practice
18 Bennett’s Hill, Birmingham, B2 5QJ