So my teeth are fine except for two of them

Q. So my teeth are fine except for two of them. One is chipped and one is somewhat twisted and has always been. went to the dentist not long ago to get a cap on the chipped tooth, but because its the same tooth on the other side thats on an angle he suggested i either get that tooth surgically straightened or get a cap for that one to. the only thing is i dont want them to hack away at my tooth to put a cap on if its not really necessary and theres other things available to help that. how much would it cost to have one tooth surgically straightened. (please dont answer braces are the solution like a lot of the other doctors have suggested no way!)

A. Not sure what you meanby surgically straighten, are you talking about removing the toth and re-implanting it?

this is a high risk solution and one I don’t recommned. I suggest you talk to you dentist again regarding the options

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