Six Month After My Braces Treatment My Tooth Has Gone Noticeably Grey. What Should I Do?

Hello Dr Moore, I’d like to tell the problem I have recently really been struggling with. I am Thirty-Nine and had fastbraces for six months last year with elastics from top to bottom. During treatment I had to stop wearing the elastics on one tooth which was not wired down to the others as I was in agony with the tooth being pulled up and out. I told the dentist at the time and he said it would settle back down. Now six months after treatment which was otherwise successful this tooth is noticeably grey – I really don’t know what I should do? – I have totally healthy teeth otherwise, Thank you, I really hope you can help me sort this problem out.
Hello. Thank you for your question. I would suggest that you go to your clinic and get him to take a look at the tooth in case there actually is a problem, this should hopefully put your mind at ease. I hope this helps you with your enquiry on this matter. Dr Andrew Moore.
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