Should my son have upper lip frenulum surgery on the NHS if possible or privately?

Hi, My son is 8 and half. He has attached upper lip frenulum. He was referred to university hospital by dentist to have surgery 6 months ago. Hospital refused & said it’s a dental chair job or leave it until he’s 10 or older. The gap between his adult teeth has closed naturally but his dentist insists he needs op as gap will open up. The dentist is not willing to do it himself. He has referred us again to hospital but I think they will again turn us away. Do you advise us to go private and have laser surgery? How much does this cost as I was hoping the NHS would solve the problem. Any advise very much appreciated. Thanks.
If you wish to have more control over the treatment decisions including speeding up the procedd then I’d suggest you go privately. A general dentist would usually need to refer you to a dentist who specialises in these treatments but that would be private too. Alternatively if you choose a private practice that has specialists under one roof you could book straight in with the dentist required.

My own practice has a periodontist who could help.

I hope that helps


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