Should My Dentist Give Me Temporary Crowns When My Teeth Are Burred? I Need Clarification.

Hi there. I have had four teeth on the front of my smile burred today to make them ready for my crowns to go on in ten days. Should my dentist have put temporary crowns on? Only he as just used this type of resin and shaped them into very small stumps and they don’t look very nice and I’m paying private. Is this what he should of done or should temporary crowns be used? He did say that he was going to put temporary crowns on but when he finished burring my teeth but I have been reading up on your website and it saying that I should of had temporary crowns fitted. Could you clarify this?
Hello and thank you for contacting me. Yes, normally temporary crowns are made from a prototype of your new final crowns, called a wax up. This allows you to preview and test out the new crown shape. You should speak to your dentist about this and make sure he explains what he plans to do clearly. Regards, Mark. 
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