Should My Dentist Attempt To Whiten My Tooth Prior To Fitting My Crown. Is This Something You Could Help Me With?

Hi Mark. I noticed a reply you made concerning internal whitening and wondered whether you’d be able to offer me some advice please? I’ve had a porcelain fused to metal crown replaced by a porcelain crown on my front tooth. Unfortunately what’s left of my tooth underneath is almost black and shows through the crown and gum itself. I was really disappointed by this as whilst the crown itself is better it’s more blue than the previous one. I’ve read some comments online that perhaps my dentist could have attempted to internally whiten my tooth prior to fitting the crown and/or tried masking the tooth. My question is; can this be done now that the crown has been fitted or would this require my crown to be replaced? I assume that removing my current crown would ruin it and so I would need a whole new one if that was the case? Also, is this something you could help me with at your practice? As I fear that my general dental practice (whilst very good) may lack the expertise to help me on this one.

Any guidance would be hugely appreciated! 🙂

Thank you.

Hi. Yes you are correct usually the crown should be made AFTER the internal bleaching so that the colour matching is done by the most correct process, but you may be lucky and get a great result by penetrating the back of the new crown and having the procedure. It is by no means ideal and the crown can sometimes chip or fracture, but this is rare, and also it may not work to a satisfactory level.

To hide a dark tooth under a porcelain crown is exceptionally challenging for even the best cosmetic dentists and it can be quite expensive to get the best results; often double the cost of a crown where the darkness does not exist. You can send me a photo if you like?

Regards, Mark.

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June 26th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Lucy mcCarthy Says :

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply Dr Hughes. I’ve uploaded a photo to the invisible braces group website for you to see what I mean.

I appreciate it’s no easy task to mask the darkness and it’s likely that it will never be 100% perfect but it would be good to give improving it a shot as people often comment on it when they first meet me.

Best wishes,

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