Should My Crowns be Thicker Than My Natural Teeth?

Is it normal for crowns on my two front teeth to feel and look thicker than my adjacent natural teeth? These are my second set of crowns. They’ve always felt rather bulky. They were done about 13 years ago. I do have an overbite. Could this be why they seem to stand out when I smile? I would like to have them replaced, however I’m afraid the look will not be improved. Both times these crowns were done by dentists. Is it better to go to a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry? I am hoping that cosmetic dentistry has improved since my crowns were done.
Yes, absolutely. You will get better results if you choose dentists who are very skilled and experienced in the art of cosmetic dentistry. As with every profession there are people with different talents and areas of expertise.

If you have a large overjet then this may also need to be improved to get the best results. This could involve orthodontic intervention as well as new crowns.

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