Should I Listen To My Dentist And Opt For The Adhesive Dental Bridge?

Hi doctor Butt, I had to have front crown removed after 13years because of fracture. My dentist has offered a sticky bridge on nhs or 600pounds private. It is the tooth right next to front tooth, i’ve always took care of my teeth and dentist said I have good oral hygiene, could you tell me if nhs bridge is ok. Should I save for private, is there a big difference in appearance. Will I be able to see the metal on nhs at the back of tooth, and will my Eye tooth which will be filed down, be very badly damaged. I have had tooth out now for over2months and have a temporary plate with tooth on, and I am not coping very well with it, in fact I’ve lost 10lbs because I am feeling sick all the time with this thing in my mouth and I have stopped eating out in restaurants as I don’t enjoy my food with it in.I’m 59 years oldThank you
The adhesive bridge can be a good cosmetic solution , it all depends on what colour you and your dentist choose . The metal wing can cause shadowing but this can be masked with a very white cement
The conventional bridge does involve having the tooth drilled to a stump but you will end up with a bridge more able to chew with than the adhesive bridge
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